Shipping intelligence software

Depending on carriers for shipping insights is weighing on your revenue

WISMO inquiries, disruptions and delayed parcels raise your shipping costs. With Tracey, you take back control. Negotiate better carrier deals, benchmark their performance and respond to interruptions automatically.

Take back control with powerful carrier data

Predict which carriers are best to use. Detect disruptions early. Surprise customers with proactive communication on shipping issues.

improve delivery performance

Measure and improve your carrier performance

Evaluate and compare carriers based on reliable and standardized shipping data. Make carrier decisions based on both performance and prices.

increase customer satisfaction

Solve shipping issues before your customer notices

Predict delays and the estimated time of delivery. Automatically send your customers updates to keep them extra happy and decrease WISMO inquiries.

reduce shipping costs

Reduce your total cost of shipping

Get preliminary insights and relevant data on carrier performance to save on setup costs, switching costs and customer service costs. All the costs, basically.

Why parcel shippers use Tracey to improve delivery performance

Stop letting carrier performance negatively impact your costs and revenue.

Without Tracey

Dependent on scattered carrier information

Frustrated customers due to delivery issues
Time-consuming carrier research process
Guesswork regarding carrier delivery promises
High workload for customer service on WISMO inquiries
Spending lots of time gathering logistics data
Relying on gut feeling for carrier selection

With Tracey

Take back control with unified multi-carrier data

Happy customers thanks to proactive delivery updates
Real-time carrier recommendations tailored to your KPIs
Carrier SLA review in the blink of an eye
Automatically detect and communicate delivery issues
Access to structured logistics data to enrich analytics
Data-driven carrier performance benchmarks

Don't lose customers over negative delivery experiences

WISMO inquiries, disruptions and delayed parcels raise your shipping costs. With Tracey, you take back control.

How Tracey works

Get access to standardized and smart data
from 60+ worldwide carriers within a day.

1. Integrate Tracey with existing systems

Connect with existing shipping and CS software integrations. Or integrate Tracey within your own custom shipping setup.

2. Map out your logistics blueprint

Your carriers, warehouse locations, cut-off times, parcel types, and more are considered to assess carrier performance.

3. Take control of the delivery experience

Know which carriers to use based on your blueprint. Turn unavoidable delivery issues into a positive experience for customers.

Over the last year, we have seen a 35% decrease in Where is my order? questions, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.
Carel van Boetzelaer

CEO of World Wide Lighting

Numbers tell the true story

Online stores, 3PL providers and retail brands use Tracey every day to turn great shipping performance into happy customers

Accuracy of predicted delays
Reduction of inbound WISMO calls
Less time spent looking up customer data

Discover the most accurate way to measure your carrier performance today

Start making smarter shipping decisions, improve delivery performance and get more happy customers.