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How to increase last-mile visibility for your e-commerce customers

The order has been placed, and everyone is as happy as can be. But the joy of anticipating your package can quickly turn to frustration. Let's face it — the last stretch can make or break the entire customer experience. So, are you ready to optimize last-mile visibility in e-commerce? Keep on reading to take delivery to the next level.

Stop losing customers over bad delivery experiences: 5 essential tips

The delivery experience is key for keeping customers. Discover the main causes and statistics of delivery issues. We'll share how you can improve delivery, even though it's in the hands of the carrier. Ready to turn delivery into a positive experience for your customers? Let's get right to it.

4 Shipment delay email templates for CS teams in e-commerce

Once parcels leave warehouses, you need to trust carriers to take care of the job to deliver them successfully. Unfortunately, some shipment delays are unavoidable. That's why we share shipment delay email templates, smart communication strategies, and automation tips to maintain customer satisfaction. Let's get right to it.

6 WISMO solutions to put less pressure on customer service

Learn how WISMO impacts your online business and discover six simple solutions to ease the pressure. From proactive updates to delivery optimisation, these strategies help your customer service team and increase customer happiness.

Top 15 shipment tracking software tools of 2024

Searching for shipment tracking software? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of tools for 2024, exploring who it’s for, the differences between them, and the pricing options. Discover the top 15 shipment tracking software tools to decide which one is best for your business.

Best 11+ shipping analytics software solutions (2024)

Looking for shipping analytics software? We have compiled a list of the top 12 solutions for 2024. Get insights into the differences between solutions, their key features, and pricing options. This article will help you in selecting the software tailored to your business needs.

Best 10 logistics intelligence software solutions (2024)

Facing the reality that your net sales are swallowed by logistics expenses? Then, it's time to turn to logistics intelligence for a competitive edge. This guide highlights the top logistics intelligence software solutions of 2024 — specifically designed for online retailers and 3PL providers striving for efficiency and market dominance.

Zendesk for e-commerce CS: How to set up an automated response to delivery issues

Discover more on how CS automation improves NPS scores and slashes service department time.

Carrier parcel tracking: 4 ways to retrieve shipment data from carriers

Carrier parcel tracking is essential for e-commerce success. But, obtaining accurate data can be complex. This article gives you 4 different ways to retrieve carrier data to optimise parcel tracking and increase customers happiness.

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