About us

We make complex shipping data simple and smart

At Tracey, we believe that carrier dependence is leading to unnecessary hassle in e-commerce. That's why we make shipping data accessible, to transform great shipping performance into happy customers.

How it all started

It all kicked off with a bad customer service experience during Black Friday. The idea arose to build a voice bot, one that automatically handles incoming phone calls related to delivery issues.

We used coasters to write down a high level business case, a minimum viable product and a first idea on the go-to market.

A solid business case for a company, apparently.

While we actually built the voice bot, and gave it the name Tracey, we found out the product itself was in the data behind the bot.

And there it was. The idea of a shipping intelligence platform was born.
In 2020, we started to build the first version to centralize, unify and analyze delivery data.

Huib, Sander & Bart

How we turn shipping data into value

Our values help us ensure a smooth experience, not only for customers
but also for employees and other stakeholders involved.


Data is in our DNA. We're not only talking about our software. We also use it to guide us in our decision-making processes.

No bullshit

Building something new requires trust. So we value a transparent, open culture based on freedom and responsibility.

Grow & win

We foster an environment that encourages growth, learning, and success, allowing great ideas to come to life.

Have fun

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we think having fun is the key to success and happiness - on and off the job.

We're just getting started

We're here to stay. Let's have a look at the achievements along the way.


Our idea to automate customer service was born.


We received a first funding round and officially founded our company.


Our product team crafted a minimum viable product, named Tracey, ready to present to prospects.


We successfully onboarded our first customers, including Active Ants.


We received our first seed investment.


We got acquired by Sendcloud. Together we're now shaping the future of shipping.


The faces behind the data

There's one consistent factor in all of our developments: our team.
Together we're a high-performing squad, determined to transform data into actionable insights.

Huib Adriaans
Sander Hak
Product management
Bart Michiels

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