Reduce the total cost of shipping by optimizing your carrier portfolio

Do you realize how much a carrier's performance affects your shipping costs, right now? Tracey uses Europe’s biggest dataset of shipping events to measure your carrier performance, help you pick the best carrier and reduce your total cost of shipping, within days.

Clear carrier performance data helps decrease shipping costs

Benchmark carrier performance

Evaluate how your carriers are performing against 60+ other carriers.

Optimize carrier selection

Get insights into hidden shipping costs and determine the most efficient carrier.

Take control over shipping spend

Detect wrongly charged shipments and pre-calculate shipping costs to avoid surprises.


Rely on data-driven carrier performance benchmarks

Count on reliable and unified data of 60+ carriers throughout Europe. Compare delivery speed, performance and prices. And choose the most efficient carrier(s) for your shipments.


Save money on setup costs, switching costs or carrier issues

Not knowing which carrier to use negatively impacts your revenue. Use preliminary insights into carrier performance. Use SLA reviews to increase negotiation power and decrease shipping costs.


Take control of shipping expenses with automated invoice check

Not having a clear overview of how much you (should) pay leads to undetected overcharges. Automatically find incorrectly charged shipments and improve financial reporting with insights into expected shipping costs.

100+ customers are saving money on their total cost of shipping

”Tracey’s plug-and-play business intelligence visuals put data from different carriers in a standardized format, making it easy to evaluate a carrier’s performance and compare it to other carriers.”
Roelang Lengers

IT Director Active Ants

Frequently asked questions

What is the total cost of shipping?

Only looking at shipment rates can be misleading. The base price, delivery speed and dealing with delivery exceptions influence your costs related to shipping operations. The total cost of shipping is therefore taking into account all the additional costs related to shipping.

What makes Tracey’s shipping data unique?

Tracey’s software uses the biggest dataset of European shipping events. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to predict ETAs, delays and benchmark carrier performance.

How does Tracey work, exactly?

You can connect Tracey to your shipping or warehouse software or integrate with a custom shipping setup via the API. We also offer integrations with CS software to push unified and unique delivery events to your customer service tools — allowing you to automate delivery notifications.

In general, Tracey enriches your data warehouse with structured logistics data. We also provide support in setting up your integrations to ensure the best data quality possible.

Tracey’s API makes it easy to get access to carrier data within days.

What data can I use to decrease shipping costs?

Tracey gives insights into shipment volumes, transit times, delivery exceptions and costs. This allows you to benchmark the carrier(s) you're using against Tracey's full dataset.

Evaluate your carrier’s performance and compare it with the data Tracey has on the same carrier and other carriers as well. By uploading your own carrier contract and invoices, you can benefit from an automated invoice check and get a full overview of the total cost of shipping.

This data helps you to negotiate better prices, avoid overcharges and decide to switch carriers when this is more cost-effective.

Decrease your total cost of shipping with smart data today

Evaluate carrier performance, negotiate better rates and take control of shipping expenses to increase revenue.