Decrease WISMO and improve review scores by automating customer service operations

You can decrease your customer service department’s workload, increase customer satisfaction, and get positive reviews in the process. E-commerce businesses using Tracey reduce inbound WISMO calls by up to 40%. Join them today.

Smart shipping data helps to decrease customer service pressure

Send proactive parcel updates

Give superpower to your customer service team with proactive and automated delivery updates to increase CSAT.

Use real-time delivery alerts

Keep track of all shipping issues, the estimated delivery time and potential delays in one overview. So you can solve issues early.

Go beyond carrier tracking

Communicate what carriers aren’t communicating. Monitor parcel statuses and set triggers to alert customers at the right time.


Solve shipping questions before they pop up in your customer’s mind

WISMO can account for up to 50% of customer service calls. Reduce these incoming calls and surprise customers with proactive delivery updates, fully automated.


Receive alerts within 15 minutes after a damage or delay

Notify customers automatically and take the right actions to solve shipping issues early. Making customers happy finally becomes easy.


Assess carrier performance based on cut-off and actual delivery times

Unclear carrier performance affects customer satisfaction. Use Tracey’s predictions to know the ETA of a parcel and inform customers on the spot.

100+ customers are reducing up to 40% of their WISMO inquiries

“Over the last year, we have seen a 35% decrease in ‘Where is my order?’ questions, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.”
Carel van Boetzelaar

CEO World Wide Lighting

Frequently asked questions

What customer service platforms does Tracey integrate with? 

Tracey triggers events directly in your customer service platform. For Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, Trengo and Kustomer, we have a native integration. All other customer service platforms can be connected via our API or you can choose to connect Tracey via solutions like Make, Zapier or Alumio.

How does automation help to increase customer satisfaction? 

Automation allows you to solve shipping issues before customers are even aware. It also helps decrease the time needed to solve shipping issues.

When any type of event or exception occurs (such as errors, refusals, damages, delays and more), you can immediately communicate with carriers and recipients. Update your customers so they are not left in the dark and contact carriers to understand and solve the issue.

What delivery events can be used as triggers for automated customer notifications? 

Tracey uses carrier data of 60+ different carriers and unifies it. This provides you with enriched structured data. Based on this data, in combination with your own logistics blueprint (number of warehouses, cut-off times, SLAs and more), issues can be detected early.

Tracey uses those issues to set up unique events. Some examples of Tracey's events are:

  • Calculated delivery delay: a trigger if there hasn’t been a “delivered” scan within a certain timeframe. 
  • Calculated handover delay: a trigger if there hasn’t been an “acceptance” scan from the carrier. This could mean the parcel hasn’t been moving after you created the label.
  • Off-radar: a trigger if there hasn’t been a new event for X days (or even hours).
  • Pick-up point near expiration: a trigger when the parcels haven’t been picked up at the pick-up points by the recipient.

Next to that, Tracey also pushes any type of unified event to the customer service system like damaged shipments, lost parcels or happy flows like delivered events.

What makes Tracey’s shipping analytics software unique? 

Tracey’s software uses the biggest dataset of European shipping events. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to predict ETAs, delays and benchmark carrier performance.

Reduce inbound WISMO calls by up to 40% today

Predict delays and the estimated time of delivery to Reduce WISMO inquiries. Positively surprise customers with proactive delivery updates.