Optimize carrier selection and negotiate better rates with unique insights

You don’t know which carriers are best for your business, how they perform or what the total cost of shipping is. Sounds familiar? Try Tracey, the most accurate way to measure carrier performance.

Clear carrier performance data helps to increase negotiation power

Review SLA performance

Analyze delivery performance based on data you can trust. Get insights into how often your carriers are not meeting the service level agreements.

Benchmark carrier performance

Compare delivery speed, frequency of exceptions and the overall performance of carriers you’re using with the ones you’re not shipping with (yet).

Get access to unified carrier data

Enrich your e-commerce analytics and data warehouse with structured logistics data. Use the data to optimize your logistics processes and increase revenue.


Check transit times, the amount of exceptions and delays over time

It’s impossible to evaluate carrier performance without having access to data over time. Upload your SLA and the Tracey dashboard will show if a carrier meets the agreements.


Evaluate carrier performance based on unified shipment statuses and predictions

You’re lacking insights when solely trusting your own carrier’s data. Compare the carriers you’re using to the ones you’re not using (yet) and optimize your selection accordingly.


Enrich your e-commerce and warehouse data with structured carrier data

Standard carrier data is unstructured, making it difficult to use it beyond shipping operations. Feed Tracey's structured logistics data to boost internal processes and enrich business analytics.

100+ customers use Tracey to get more insights into carrier performance

“Tracey’s carrier performance data helps us to better understand the delivery process. We look differently at carrier selection and strengthen our position when talking to them. It also allows us to negotiate better terms.”
Alex Formicola

Customer Support Lead Rosefield

Frequently asked questions

What carrier data is available within Tracey?

Tracey offers structured data of 60+ worldwide carriers including global players like DHL, UPS, DPD and FedEx. But also local heroes in most European countries like PostNL, bpost, Royal Mail, LaPoste and many more.

What type of shipping insights does Tracey provide?

Tracey evaluates carrier performance based on unified and structured data. Meaning, difficult carrier statuses are turned into easy-to-understand events for all carriers available.

Performance can be evaluated based on delivery speed, exceptions and total shipments over time and in comparison with other carriers.

How can I integrate Tracey's data and insights?

You can connect Tracey to your shipping or warehouse software or integrate with a custom shipping setup via the API. We also offer integrations with CS software to push unified and unique delivery events to your customer service tools. Allowing you to automate delivery notifications.

In general, Tracey enriches your data warehouse with its structured logistics data. We also provide support in setting up your carrier integrations to ensure the best data quality possible.

Tracey’s API makes it easy to get access to the total dataset of carriers within days.

What sets Tracey's shipping analytics software apart?

Tracey’s software uses the biggest dataset of European shipping events. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to predict ETAs, delays and benchmark carrier performance.

Increase your negotiation power with carrier performance data today

Stop relying on your gut feeling to evaluate carrier performance. Analyze and compare shipping data of 40+ carriers to improve SLAs.