Get access to smart shipping data and improve every delivery experience

Don't rely on carriers to make your customers happy. Discover how Tracey's shipping intelligence software helps you to take back control.

Your teams are wasting valuable time resolving delivery issues

Avoid this with actionable insights and automation based on real shipping data.
Tracey's data helps optimize shipping processes so you can cut costs.

Customer service

Predict delays and send automated parcel updates. Decrease WISMO inquiries and give customers a happy delivery experience.


Use data from 60+ international carriers to benchmark delivery performance, select the right carrier(s) and optimize costs.


Go beyond basic carrier updates, never break delivery promises and build better trust. Retain your customers and make more upsells, too.

Improve delivery performance

Select carriers based on data instead of gut feeling

Compare the performance of different carriers to evaluate which carrier best suits your needs.

Review how carrier performance impacts your business
Benchmark your carrier(s) with Tracey's full dataset
Select the best carriers that fit your objectives
increase customer satisfaction

Run proactive customer support on autopilot

Show you're in control of shipments and solve delivery issues before your customers even notice.

Get a full overview of shipments for all carriers
Access real-time insights into delivery issues
Automate customer service using triggers
Optimize your carrier portfolio

Get AI-driven carrier recommendations

Set up your shipping profile once and Tracey's recommender suggests the best carriers.

Rank carriers based on your shipping KPIs and parcel type
Include price, reliability, transit times, and SLA compliance
Optimize delivery performance and cut costs
optimize ecommerce processes

Feed tracking data to all the right systems

Make sure the important information about parcel shipments ends up in the right place.

Connect to any system without changing your own setup
Get instant access to 60+ existing carrier integrations
Retrieve tracking data in a standardized format

Data tools for every parcel shipper

Tracey's features allow you to optimize delivery performance,
while cutting the total costs of shipping.

Parcel data in all the right systems

Integrate Tracey data into your e-commerce software, TMS, WMS and customer service software.

Carrier benchmarks

Gain insights into carrier performance compared to Tracey's dataset and make data-driven choices.

Real-time insights

Have a complete overview of easy-to-understand parcel statuses and receive near real-time status updates.

AI data predictions

Predict delays and the ETA of parcels and go beyond the standard updates for carriers.

Automated triggers to customers

Proactively update your customers without putting in the work for your customer service team.

Proactive alerts

Automatically receive updates that can have an impact on your business operations.

Over the last year, we have seen a 35% decrease in Where is my order? questions, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.
Carel van Boetzelaer

CEO of World Wide Lighting

Discover the most accurate way to measure your carrier performance today

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