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“With Tracey, we gain control over our delivery process.

By communicating delivery issues proactively, we’ve got our CSAT (+5%) and Trustpilot (+0.2️ stars) scores up in six months!

Moreover, getting access to unique carrier performance insights allows us to negotiate better terms with the carriers.”
“Over the last year, we have seen a 35% decrease in ‘Where is my order?’ questions, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.

Optimising our own delivery process is an important part of what we do, so we are excited to see how Tracey will accelerate with the support of Sendcloud.”
“We pass on the data we receive from Tracey to our customers, enabling them to derive value from it. We already see that our customers anticipate this and adjust their work processes to inform their own customers better and proactively.

This ensures that, as Active Ants, we offer just that little bit of extra service to support our customers in their e-commerce activities.”

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