How Travelbags reduced the number of WISMO requests by 39.2%

Learn how real-time monitoring of shipment exceptions helps Travelbags reduce the number of incoming questions about the delivery, ensuring a better customer experience.

About Travelbags

Travelbags was founded in 2007 by the brothers Gerjan and John Horstra. The company has since grown into one of the largest Dutch online players selling bags and suitcases. In addition to the webshop, they own shops in Hardenberg, Zwolle, and Deventer.

Travelbags sells everything in the field of suitcases and bags in its webshop: from trolleys to travel bags, from backpacks to laptop bags. Every month, they receive close to 1,000 questions from customers about the whereabouts of their parcels.

Gerjan first came into contact with Tracey six months ago: “To be honest, I hadn't heard of Tracey before I was approached, but the story really appealed to me and sounded like something we wanted to try out.”

Seamless integration with existing systems

Through integration with Picqer, Tracey can easily retrieve and analyse the necessary tracking data. This information is then used to monitor all the sent suitcases and bags.

In addition, Tracey has set up an integration with Trengo, the platform used by Travelbags' customer service. Via this connection, Tracey passes on all the so-called exceptions (the deviations in the delivery process). Each exception activates a trigger created by Travelbags, after which a message is automatically sent to the end customer with the relevant notification.

The impact of 1,000 exceptions per month

In the first 6 months, more than 6,000 exceptions have been processed by Tracey and proactively and automatically communicated to Travelbags' customers where necessary. This is a task that is virtually impossible to do manually.

The impact soon becomes noticeable because fewer questions are received at customer service: an average decrease of 39.2% over the past few months. There were also many positive reactions from customers to the automated messaging, which resulted in improved review scores.

“We now proactively send a message to our customer for most deviations from our delivery promise that are detected by Tracey. Reactions from customers indicating that they appreciate the messages and leaving a good review—that's what it's all about!”
Gerjan Horstra

Co-founder Travelbags

Positive customer ratings and less WISMO inquiries

Proactive and automated customer notifications about shipping exceptions enabled Travelbags to work more efficiently and positively surprise customers.

decrease in WISMO inquiries
exceptions processed per month
Trustpilot rating

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