Get more repeat customers by improving delivery experiences

Lost parcels and unmet delivery promises are the root cause of unhappy customers. Tracey combines worldwide shipping data from 60+ carriers to help you improve delivery performance. Get more happy customers, today.

Clear carrier performance data helps increase customer satisfaction

Select the right carriers

Pick carriers based on your shipping profile and needs. Use insights into delivery speed, costs and quality to select your best carriers.

Meet delivery promises

Get unique insights into shipping issues and compare how carriers are performing. Even the ones you’re not using yet.

Surprise your customers

Communicate with your customers at the right time. Trigger proactive updates based on the ETA of the parcel and predicted disruptions.


See in a split second which carriers perform best

Analyze the speed and quality of carriers. Decide whether to optimize for price, speed or quality and get AI-driven recommendations. 


Decide upon the delivery promises you want to make

Match carriers to your delivery promises. Provide your cut-off and pick-up time and receive insights into the performance of your carriers. 


Automatically update your customers at the right moment

Receive triggers for non-events based on your delivery promises and combine Tracey’s data with your customer insights to offer the best solution. 

100+ customers increase CSAT scores with Tracey’s shipping analytics software

“Using Tracey has played a major role in getting our CSAT (+5%) and Trustpilot (+0.2️) scores up in only six months.”
Alex Formicola

Customer Support Lead, Rosefield

Frequently asked questions

How can I improve the delivery experience with Tracey, exactly? 

Tracey’s software allows you to automatically communicate with customers. It gives both you and your customers more insights into multiple parcel statuses. By proactively updating customers on any issues, you can solve them early and improve the overall experience. 

What is a logistics blueprint? 

A logistics blueprint consists of your carriers, warehouse locations, cut-off times, parcel types and more. In Tracey you can upload this information and the software will run the data for benchmarking carrier performance.

It will give you insights into parcel issues like delays and damages, transit times, delivery speed and the total shipments to help you optimize delivery performance.

What makes Tracey’s shipping analytics software unique? 

Tracey’s software uses the biggest dataset of European shipping events. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to predict ETAs, delays and benchmark carrier performance.

How can I evaluate carrier performance? 

By uploading your logistics blueprint, including cut-off times, pick-up times and current agreements with your carrier, you can evaluate carrier performance. Evaluate the performance of the carriers you’re using and compare with carriers you’re not using.

These features allow you to negotiate better agreements with carriers based on facts and data. Or decide to switch to another carrier that shows better performance.

What are non-events in the shipping process and how do they help improve delivery performance?

In a regular delivery process, the happy flow of a parcel is:

  • Labeled
  • Accepted by the carrier
  • In sorting (could be multiple steps)
  • In delivery
  • Delivered (at home, at the neighbors, at a PUDO point, etc.)

For shipments outside the EU, this often includes a status in which the parcel is located at customs. 

When those scans aren’t made or don’t occur within the right time frame, it will trigger a notification. Based on those triggers, you can proactively communicate messages to your customers.

Improve your delivery performance
with smart data today

Evaluate carrier performance, select the right carriers with AI-driven recommendations and exceed customer expectations.