Top 15 shipment tracking software tools of 2024

Huib Adriaans
Published on
March 29, 2024

Searching for shipment tracking software? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of tools for 2024, exploring who it’s for, the differences between them, and the pricing options. Discover the top 15 shipment tracking software tools to decide which one is best for your business.

The importance of efficient shipment tracking in modern logistics 

Uncertainty about carrier performance and lack of visibility into shipping disruptions can be major pain points for your business. That's where a reliable delivery tracking system comes in. 

Efficient tracking empowers businesses to proactively manage shipments, minimize disruptions, and maintain a seamless flow of goods. For a great customer experience, this visibility becomes a necessity. 

Did you know that 1 in 4 customers will not reorder from a store again if tracking wasn’t included? That’s why prioritizing this transparency and strengthening it with automated communication will help you to retain your customer base and stay ahead of the curve. 

Shipment tracking software can help you with that. Let's have a look at what it exactly entails.

What are shipment tracking software tools exactly?

Shipment tracking software tools are clever systems that give businesses and customers alike the power to keep an eye on their parcels from dispatch to delivery. They offer real-time updates, predictive insights, and even automated communication to smooth out those delivery bumps.

In essence, a delivery tracking system takes the guesswork out of "Where's my parcel?" and transforms it into a clear, traceable journey. Whether you’re sending a small package or managing a fleet of shipments, these tools ensure nothing goes wrong with the help of package tracking.

The best 15 shipment tracking software tools right now

So, are you striving for operational excellence in logistics? Then your tool stack isn't complete without shipment tracking software. Let's dive into this year's top 15, so you can pick the best solution for your business.

1. Tracey

Website: Tracey by Sendcloud

Target audience: E-commerce, 3PL, and retail sectors 

Tracey (yes, that’s us) helps you to decrease your customer service department’s workload when it comes to shipment tracking. We use Europe's biggest dataset of shipping events to provide you with advanced carrier data.

Our system detects disruptions at an early stage, providing granular insights that reduce inefficiencies. Our parcel monitoring goes beyond basic carrier status updates. We provide predictive insights into potential delays and estimated delivery times, enabling you to minimise WISMO inquiries

You can integrate Tracey with existing shipping and customer service software or via an API integration for customized systems or data warehouses. Tracey's data can help you to optimize your logistics processes.

Pricing: Available upon request

2. Beacon

Website: Beacon

Target audience: Retailers, e-commerce businesses, and warehouses

Beacon's platform offers supply chain and logistics teams real-time transportation tracking, analysis, planning, and collaboration. 

It assists in tracking shipments by ocean and air freight, analyzing carrier performance, emissions reporting, and route planning. Users gain visibility into goods' movements, manage risks, and optimize supply chain costs.

Pricing: Between $199 -  $499 per month for different plans, while the 'Pro' plan is quote-based

3. AfterShip

Website: AfterShip

Target audience: E-commerce businesses of various sizes

AfterShip automates online shipment tracking, integrating with various e-commerce platforms and carriers worldwide. 

Users can import orders and receive real-time tracking updates to resolve delivery delays promptly. AfterShip also enables users to schedule and send proactive email and SMS notifications.

Pricing: Between $9 - $199 per month for different plans with a custom ‘Enterprise’ plan

4. Narvar

Website: Narvar

Target audience: Retailers and brands

Narvar focuses on post-purchase communications, providing configurable tracking pages and alerts to help reduce order inquiries. 

It manages returns, tracks packages, and connects with customers via messaging. Users can monitor delivery exceptions, customize tracking pages, and calculate delivery times. 

Pricing: Available upon request

5. ClickPost

Website: ClickPost

Target audience: Online businesses, retailers, e-commerce brands, wholesalers, and distributors

ClickPost helps improve last-mile deliveries by connecting businesses with carriers as well as helping select carriers, managing exceptions and providing real-time updates. 

It features intelligent systems for better accuracy, automated notifications to reduce customer queries, and branded tracking pages with feedback integration. 

Pricing: Starts at $300 per month

6. ParcelLab

Website: ParcelLab

Target audience: Retailers and large e-commerce businesses

ParcelLab automates communication during the delivery phase for better customer retention. 

The global post-purchase software offers insights into shipment performance to help improve revenue and optimize customer experience. The platform personalized operational touch points with the aim of delighting customers.

Pricing: Available upon request

7. Shipup

Website: Shipup 

Target audience: Online retailers

Shipup works with the post-purchase experience through personalized notifications and tracking pages. 

With a focus on customer experience, it uses shipping as a marketing asset to display ads, product recommendations, or promotional codes to encourage repeat purchases. Shipup also provides delivery updates to help decrease support costs. 

Pricing: Starts at €399 per month 

8. TrackingMore

Website: TrackingMore

Target audience: Logistics companies and e-commerce businesses of various sizes 

TrackingMore provides package tracking capabilities, generates branded tracking pages, and supports multi-carrier tracking. 

It integrates with a list of languages and carriers on a global scale, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. After integrating with e-commerce platforms, it offers automated, real-time shipment notifications and updates.

Pricing: Between $11 - $74 per month for different plans with a custom 'Enterprise' plan

9. ParcelPerform

Website: Parcel Perform 

Target audience: Enterprises, logistics solution providers, marketplaces and brands

Parcel Perform offers parcel tracking and delivery notifications for end-to-end customer journeys. 

Aiding e-commerce companies in optimizing logistics operations, it provides real-time data integrations and performance insights, integrating with various carriers worldwide to present delivery analytics. 

Pricing: Available upon request

10. Shipwell 

Website: Shipwell

Target audience: Freight brokers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers

Shipwell integrates freight visibility with a transportation management system for efficiency and scalability. 

The platform offers carrier management, route optimization, freight audit, and reporting capabilities. It combines automation and collaboration features to help streamline shipping. Businesses can track shipments across all transportation modes, from pickup to delivery. 

Pricing: Available upon request

11. LateShipment

Website: LateShipment 

Target audience: Small businesses, SMBs, and enterprise brands

LateShipment focuses on delivery experience management. This cloud-based post-purchase platform for retail shippers helps track deliveries and manage returns. 

Additionally, it automates shipping refunds for various service failures and billing errors. Providing tools for issue resolution, it aims to enhance the customer experience.

Pricing: Starts at $0.05 per shipment

12. WeSupply Labs

Website: WeSupply Labs

Target audience: E-commerce businesses

WeSupply Labs deals with post-purchase customer engagement levels for online sales. It’s designed to help reduce customer service inquiries and improve the overall shopping experience. 

Through real-time tracking and estimated delivery dates, its integrated services also offer a shipping visibility solution.

Pricing: Between $40 - $100 per month for different plans with a custom 'Enterprise' plan

13. Convey

Website: Convey 

Target audience: Retailers and logistics companies

Convey aims to lower call center costs through proactive exception resolution and customer communication. It offers configurable tracking pages and alerts to help with the e-commerce delivery experience.

Pricing: Available upon request

14. PitneyTrack™ Inbound (previously SendSuite)

Website: PitneyTrack™ Inbound 

Target audience: Enterprises and businesses with complex logistics

PitneyTrack Inbound by Pitney Bowes offers a solution for managing inbound and outbound packages. 

When in need of tracking and security, this tool assists with safe parcel handling. The tool also helps to reduce WISMO inquiries and call centre expenses by implementing proactive customer notifications and resolving shipment exceptions more efficiently.

Pricing: Available upon request

15. Detrack

Website: Detrack 

Target audience: Businesses of various sizes, including retailers and 3PL couriers

Detrack facilitates delivery management for businesses by centralizing shipment tracking. 

Businesses can monitor shipment statuses, alongside features like route optimization and real-time tracking. This aims to streamline delivery processes and improve on-time order fulfillment with proof of delivery that in turn helps to improve customer satisfaction. 

Pricing: Starts at $29 per vehicle per month with a custom 'Enterprise' plan


Who can benefit from shipment tracking software?

Essentially, any business that ships goods can reap the rewards of integrating shipment tracking software into its operations. 

Whether you're an emerging e-commerce start-up, a bustling retail giant, or a logistics titan, shipment tracking software ensures transparency and reliability in your supply chain. 

Especially when dealing with large volumes of shipments, dealing with things manually can easily become a nightmare.

It’s not only beneficial on an operational level. Your customers will thank you too as a whopping 90% of shoppers check the status of their parcels at least once! 

Providing them with transparent and accessible tracking information, puts your customers at ease and helps them know when to expect their parcels so that they can receive it on the first delivery attempt.

What factors are used to evaluate the package tracking software?

In evaluating shipment tracking software tools for 2024, key factors include:

  • Accuracy of tracking information
  • Frequency of delivery updates
  • Availability of customer support
  • Cost-effectiveness of the solution
  • Ability to integrate with existing systems and processes
  • Robustness of analytics and reporting features for actionable insights

How do you choose the best shipment tracking software for your business?

To choose the best shipment tracking software, we break it up into 3 key steps:

  1. Identify your primary pain points: Note whether that’s a lack of visibility into shipment statuses, customer dissatisfaction due to delayed deliveries, or inefficiencies in handling shipping exceptions. 
  2. Match these needs with the features offered: Consider your business needs as well as your budget in relation to their pricing. Don’t forget to look into the scalability of the solution. 
  3. Opt for a trial or demo: Where possible, have a conversation to ensure the software meets your expectations and can seamlessly integrate with your operations.
“Thanks to Tracey we've seen a 35% decrease in ‘Where is my order?’ questions over the last year, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.” - Carel van Boetzelaer, CEO of World Wide Lighting

Get started with Tracey’s shipment tracking software today

Ready to optimize the delivery experience with advanced shipping tracking? Tracey's software provides you with smart parcel shipment information.

Our software allows you to connect to any system without the hassle of changing your current setup.

With Tracey, you gain a full overview of unified shipping statuses for all carriers, real-time insights into delivery issues, and the ability to automate customer updates by setting up triggers for delivery exceptions and delays.

Request a free demo to discover more and improve delivery performance for more satisfied customers today.

Discover the best shipment tracking software tool today

Numbers tell the true story

Online stores, 3PL providers and retail brands use Tracey every day to turn great shipping performance into happy customers

Accuracy of predicted delays
Reduction of inbound WISMO calls
Less time spent looking up customer data

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