6 WISMO solutions to put less pressure on customer service

Huib Adriaans
Published on
February 27, 2024

Learn how WISMO impacts your online business and discover six simple solutions to ease the pressure. From proactive updates to delivery optimisation, these strategies help your customer service team and increase customer happiness.

Customer support is the heart of your e-commerce business, but too often, they are burdened with “Where Is My Order” calls. Tired of receiving countless WISMO inquiries that put a strain on your customer service team?

We've got you covered. In this article we share key insights on why these inquiries happen, how they have an impact on your team, and give you six smart ways to ease the load. Read on to transform your customer service from overwhelmed to overachieving.

The importance of customer service efficiency in e-commerce

Boosting customer service efficiency isn't just a nice-to-have, it's your golden ticket to securing customer loyalty and outpacing competitors. 

Did you know a whopping 94% of shoppers are more likely to stick with brands that deliver positive customer service experiences? It's a clear indicator that investing in your customer service can translate into increased lifetime value from your customers.

And let's talk about the elephant in the room: delivery delays. With nearly 1 in 10 parcels arriving late, it's no wonder WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries are on the rise. Streamlining responses to these questions can drastically cut down your team's workload, freeing them up to handle complex queries that require a nuanced approach.

The path to e-commerce success is paved with efficient customer service. Why? Because it's about customer centricity and delivering experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

The impact of WISMO on your customer service teams

WISMO inquiries are a significant source of frustration for your customer service team, especially because of the sheer volume of it. In fact, WISMO can account for up to 50% of customer service calls

During busy periods, like holidays or sales events, the number of WISMO calls can increase significantly, putting even more pressure on customer service teams. 

These repetitive questions can be a headache for both customers and support staff and can lead to longer waiting times and lower customer satisfaction. It's easy to conclude that WISMO calls should be minimised.

What is WISMO exactly?

But first, what is WISMO? WISMO stands for "Where Is My Order" and refers to inquiries made by customers regarding the status of their order. WISMO inquiries can arise because of various reasons, such as unclear delivery estimates, deliveries being delayed, and deliveries not showing up at all.

The actual costs of WISMO for your business

WISMO inquiries go hand-in-hand with higher labour costs for customer service. You might feel it each and every time a new WISMO inquiry comes in. Research from Magento reveals that WISMO calls cost €5.50 on average to resolve, depending on the customer service channel used. 

Moreover, unresolved WISMO inquiries can have significant financial implications for your business in the long term. Think of:

  • Replacements and refunds
  • Higher customer churn rates 
  • Higher customer acquisition costs 
  • Bad reviews and damaged brand reputation
WISMO data from BenchmarkPortal: "The Impact of Technology on Call Center Performance"

Common reasons behind WISMO

To combat WISMO inquiries, we look at what’s causing them in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons behind WISMO inquiries:

  • Lack of tracking information: When you don’t have control over carrier tracking updates and customers don’t receive complete tracking information in time, it prompts them to reach out to customer support to fill in the gaps.
  • Delivery delays: Tracey's data shows that delivery delays are the most common of unexpected events in the delivery process, making up 35% of delivery exceptions. Delays, caused by operational issues, weather, or carrier problems, can trigger customer anxiety if there's no proactive communication.
  • Non-deliveries: Questions arise when customers expect a package but it never arrives. Whether due to misplacement during transit, delivery errors, or issues with address accuracy, customers want to know the reason and be assisted in locating their missing orders.
  • Unclear delivery estimates: Delivery schedules may change due to inventory issues, shipping delays, or logistical challenges. In fact, our data shows that changed delivery dates make up 31% of delivery exceptions. Still, when delivery windows are vague or not communicated well, customers may reach out for peace of mind.
  • Customs clearance: International orders might need to go through complex customs procedures before they can be delivered. Customs clearance can prolong waiting times, and customers may ask for updates on the clearance process and anticipated delivery dates.
  • Order splitting: Orders with multiple products shipped from different locations may be split into multiple shipments, resulting in more than one delivery date. Customers receiving partial deliveries without clear communication about the split may question the status of their remaining items and ask when to expect the complete order.

6 WISMO solutions that relieve pressure on your customer service

Want to know how to reduce the WISMO inquiries bombarding your customer service team? Get your operations running smoothly with these six practical WISMO solutions, giving your team the tools they need to handle these queries efficiently.

Proactive communication with customers

Proactive communication is more than keeping customers informed. To reduce WISMO inquiries, you take the extra step to answer questions before they are directed to your customer service team. 

You communicate what the carrier is not saying but should be saying. This includes using various channels to let them know about the shipping status, estimated delivery date, and any delays as quickly as possible. 

Carel van Boetzelaar about decreasing WISMO with Tracey

Real-time insights and updates

Real-time tracking and analytics provide insights into the order status, including the location of shipments and the reasons for their current status. Having this information available allows you to monitor data and stay informed about any issues, enabling you to stay one step ahead of potential problems.

These real-time insights can also help optimise your delivery performance, ultimately reducing costs. Use the analytics to identify patterns and trends, such as common delivery delays, and take corrective actions.

Self-service options for customers

You simply can’t ignore that 93% of e-commerce custfomers want to stay informed during the delivery process. What if customers could have the option to help themselves and improve their own customer experience? 

With the help of a real-time tracking link, customers can track their order status, view shipment details, and even reschedule deliveries. 

With tools like Tracey, a self-sufficient customer doesn’t need to make multiple inquiries and calls to your customer support teams, saving you time and money.

Automated notifications and alerts

Automated notifications and alerts enable you to streamline your workload without compromising the customer experience throughout the shipping process. The best part? By setting triggers to address any issues before they escalate, customers won’t need to call in as often to inquire about their orders.

Let’s take a case of how you can set up an automated response to delivery issues in Zendesk:

Tracey allows you to set triggers based on shipment variables, like the country or carrier, automatically creating Zendesk tickets within 30 minutes of detecting exceptions that disrupt the normal delivery process. This equips teams to further automate communication between senders, customer service, and end customers, resulting in up to 45% fewer inbound calls.

Delivery performance optimisation

Customers who are not satisfied with their delivery end up costing you more. It’s a no-brainer to optimise your delivery performance if you want the two-fold benefit of making customers happy and stopping money from going down the drain. 

You might also be paying more for shipping that is causing you problems. Fully optimising your delivery performance only happens through a combination of automation, analytics, and knowing which carrier is the best for your shipping needs.

“With Tracey, we gain control over our delivery process. Getting access to unique carrier performance insights allows us to negotiate better terms with the carriers.” - Alex Formicola, Customer Support Lead, Rosefield

Standardised shipping data

Ensure that all parties involved in the delivery process are using the same information and can understand it without requiring assistance. Without this, you risk tracking inaccuracies and delivery errors. 

This translates into unhappy customer satisfaction and another ticket added to the workload of your customer support teams. When data is standardised, it’s also easier to identify areas for improvement and optimise your delivery performance for the future.

How to improve customer service by reducing WISMO today

WISMO inquiries can be a spanner in the works of your well-oiled machine, and it’s costing you more than you might even be aware of. Reducing WISMO inquiries should be a top priority for any business looking to reduce costs incurred from customer service inefficiencies. 

When you put effective WISMO solutions into action, you're not just lightening the load on your customer service teams. You're also boosting satisfaction levels for your customers.

Online stores, 3PL providers and retail brands use Tracey to help them turn unavoidable delivery issues into a positive experience for customers. Find out how Tracey can help reduce inbound WISMO requests by 39%

Book a free demo today to get the best WISMO solutions. Optimise your operations today and enjoy the lasting effect on your customer service stronghold.

Run proactive customer support on autopilot and decrease WISMO inquiries

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Online stores, 3PL providers and retail brands use Tracey every day to turn great shipping performance into happy customers

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